music albums for the soul

hello i know i’ve been missing for months now without any warning or sign but hey here i am and that’s all that matters. i’m sorry if any of you waited for me to post something, i had no particular idea or topic to talk about on this site and so i made nothing. i hope this post will redeem me.

while i experience my life as a high school student, which i occasionally regret, i also manage to still be in touch with pop culture, especially on the music side of it. i’ve been listening to new music from artists that i’m familiar with and some that i just recently discover. i had to dug up my saved songs on spotify (not spons) for this because i only listen to good music and trust me, i make the most fire playlists ever although the only one who appreciates it enough is me. because i made it.

we’re going to talk about music recommendations again (yay) but this time its not angst themed well not entirely lol and i’m going to talk about the albums as a whole not just one or two tracks from it. but maybe i’m gonna do that. idk.

okay without further ado here’s my review

  • Oh Wonder – Oh Wonder (2015)

Oh Wonder is the title of Oh Wonder’s debut album and i can’t believe i’m TWO YEARS LATE i mean gAH they make really good music and i’m definitely missing out!!! their first song that i listened was Landslide and i instantly fell in love. their other tracks are also calming and uplifting. my favorite track from this album is Drive because its easy-going and they don’t use any instruments that are too loud. i recommend listening to their songs when you’re feeling down or when you want to focus on something and needed a calming atmosphere. oh wonder is there for you.

  • After Laughter – Paramore (2017)

PARAMORE IS BACK GUYS AND THEY BROUGHT ’80S POP-ROCK WITH THEM. After Laughter is their latest album and i’m,,, in love? just as the title, After Laughter talks about the pain after the happiness. but the way hayley williams sing Hard Times and Fake Happy just makes me want to jump around and sing along with the rhythmic beat. they send the message of their songs clearly and i like to jam to them. the last track of their album is Tell Me How, which doesn’t sound like any of the other songs here. it has cascading piano chords, warily confessional words, and its sleek but also grown-up. the song tells me that instead of railing against someone who’s let me down, i respond them with a shrugging that goes: “Tell me how to feel about you now/Oh, let me know.” its like i’m saying that i’m not all-powerful and i’m no longer trying to be. god i love paramore so much.

  • Intertwined (2016) & You (2017) – dodie clark

intertwined & you are dodie’s EP and both are so gOOD. her EPs are filled with both serious, introspective moments and lighter, catchy tunes which makes it a perfect mix of songs that shows many aspects of dodie as a person. she’s so honest with what she feels, whether that’s crippling anxiety and self-doubt or just a woefully unrequited crush. but most importantly, her songs are relatable. her vocals demonstrate a quiet confidence with emotional investment. The EP also shows off her musical versatility, with a diverse assortment of instruments from ukulele to recorder to keyboard. even if you haven’t watched her YouTube videos, this EP is definitely worth a listen.

  • The Journey – Rendy Pandugo (2017)

i rarely listen to local music but holy macaroni rendy pandugo is a must!!! hE IS A STAR I LOVE HIS ALBUM SO MUCH ITS BEAUTIFUL. i heard Silver Rain on the radio before but never the rest of his songs. i tend to overlook new people lol. but about a month ago i went to this concert and he was there, singing the songs from his album. i don’t believe in love at first sight but that moment was definitely one. his voice is so wonderful and it fits perfectly with his catchy rhythms. I RELATE DEEPLY TO HIM THAT’S WHY I LOVE HIM. the album talks about love and heartbreaks; happiness and also pain. he wrote his songs in english and that way i can promote him to international readers hehehe. just please give him a chance.

  • EVERYBODY – Logic (2017)

as they all say, save the best for the last. Everybody is Logic’s third studio album and it has sh00k me. if you’re looking for some real stuff, this is it. the album talks about equality among all kinds of diversity. if you listen to the whole album without getting interrupted or playing it on random, there’s a story behind it. the album also talks about Logic himself, being a biracial person and growing up in a rough neighborhood with no father and a racist mother who is a drug addict. the reason why i like him so much is because he talks about real issues such as suicide, anxiety, and discrimination against certain race, color, religion, and sexual orientation– not like most rappers who only talk about fame and fortune. this album also talks about the human existence in the track Waiting Room. what if we all shared the same soul? everything you do of love, you’re doing it to yourself and yet every act of hate you do, you ‘re doing it to yourself. this album has a strong message; we are all beautiful and equal, so stop judging and discriminate and killing other people just because they’re different. my favorite lyric is from Black SpiderMan, which is “I ain’t ashamed to be white/I ain’t ashamed to be black/I ain’t ashamed of my beautiful Mexican wife as a matter of fact.” ITS JUST SO TIGHT. please listen to Logic, he’s the absolute best.

that’s it. it took so long to write this post. i’m gonna take a break on writing, i guess. i don’t know,,, my productivity level is dropping now. i’m sorry. but hey please let me know on the comments if you have any recommendations on music or maybe if there are also flaws in the music i regularly listen to. see u later. maybe more than later.



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