whilst in bali

to make a long story short, i went to bali during the holidays with my family. it was a 5 nights and 5 days stay; not a very long one, to be exact. ever since the beginning of 2017, i’ve been hinting my mom to schedule trips to beaches, preferably the beaches at oh i don’t know maybe BALI??? and so as you can see at the end of the year, my plan to incite  my mother worked.

i traveled to bali on the 20th of december. it was a particularly sunny wednesday, despite the heavy rains that happened days before. the delay i experienced at the airport that day was the utmost unpleasant. my flight was scheduled to be at 3 p.m, but because the plane hasn’t arrived yet, it was delayed until 4.45 p.m. during the wait, i read a book my mom bought me that afternoon called the paper menagerie and other stories by ken liu (we’ll talk about this book on another post ok). i was so hooked on the book that i didn’t realize time passing by. the clock strikes the determined hour before i knew it, but strangely there were no announcements about boarding the plane. not long after that, i heard the loudspeaker stated that the plane was running late and therefore the airline had to delay the flight for another hour. right. more waiting. great.

by the time the plane was taking-off, i remember checking my phone and it was already 6 p.m. it took us about two hours to get to denpasar, and because of timezones, bali is one hour ahead of jakarta. as we arrive at the airport, i was really sleepy and was just ready to go to sleep under the warm covers of the hotel i was going to stay at. but alas, my brothers were hungry so we decided to get take-outs from burger king after we found the car we were renting. we stopped at a small local mart to buy snacks, instant noodle, sunblock, and other necessities we would need. my eldest and younger brother bought cheap sunglasses because they don’t have one. i took my time to take in the scenery of the night streets in bali. it kind of looks the same as jakarta, but has a different vibe that i am yet to understand.

we stayed at a place called tijili in seminyak. the streets in seminyak reminded me of an area called kemang in south jakarta. the two places resemble each other in a certain way. the closed small shops, dim lights, and night clubs all lined up together next to a small one-way road. it has its own atmosphere.

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i woke up the next morning and head to the cafe right next to the lobby to enjoy my breakfast. okay first of all THEY SERVE THE BEST OMELETTE EVER omg i am in love. what i did was basically putting everything i could on my plate but in an equally small amount so i could taste them all. my go-to drink was pineapple juice because it tastes SO GOOD wow.

after breakfast, my family and i readied ourselves because we were going to visit my aunt and her family at ubud raya resort and hotel. the trip was soooo long. it took us about two hours to get there by car. when we finally get there, i was already hungry again. thankfully my good uncle had bought us chicken and beef packaged rice (nasi bungkus for y’all indonesians) for lunch. those were also great 10/10 would definitely eat again. on our way back to seminyak, i was in a really bad mood because i wanted to go to the beach but the others thought that it was getting late and my mom suggested we could go to kuta beachwalk instead, and so we went there. the place was relatively big, but i could find bigger malls in jakarta.

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i spent my second morning in bali with fantastic breakfast at the hotel’s cafe again. the menu was different than the day before, which is nice, but i still ordered omelette because they’re really tasty. we planned to move to nusa dua that day, so we checked out on the afternoon and prepared for the road. while we were still in seminyak, i asked my mother if we could go to a certain clothing brand store because i wanted to buy a shirt from the place. according to google, the clothing brand has a small shop in seminyak; and so we head there without wasting any more time. i bought an iconic black shirt the clothing brand has which costed so much money. cries.

we stayed at tijili’s branch in nusa dua. the positive side of the place is that they have their own beach on the back side. i was so hyped the moment i knew there was a beach on plain sight. picture this, a beach i could go to whenever i want. the thought was very tantalizing for me at that time because my sole purpose was to come see and feel the ocean and the sand. after dropping my luggage, i head straight to the beach with one of my brother. y’all, i’m not exaggerating, i ran from my room with sandals because i was so excited only to be let down because the beach has small waves. sigh. i came to have a good time but i honestly feel so attacked. i mean, it was relaxing on its own way but this wasn’t the one i’ve been expecting. i imagined being splashed on the thighs for being too far away from the shore, the smell of salt water on my hair, and the strong winds. well, so much for my first beach after 5 years.

that evening, we went to the bali collection in nusa dua, some kind of outdoor mall. it was for eye-wash. you know, look-look. there was nothing much there but shops and restaurants. my mom ate at bebek bengil, while the rest of us ate at warung nasi ayam bu oki. you can see here which of us have higher taste.

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the breakfast at tijili nusa dua is as good as tijili seminyak. but this time, tijili nusa dua has its restaurant right next to the private beach. so while i eat fried rice with sausages and baked wedge potatoes, i could hear the splashing of water and feel the morning wind. it has a wonderful atmosphere. 10/10.

i went to the hotel’s swimming pool with two of my brothers after eating breakfast. i didn’t want to get soaked in water so i just sat on the edge of the pool. the sun was very unkind that afternoon, fortunately i had my sunglasses on and skin protected with sunblock.

we ate lunch at a restaurant called gula bali in kuta. the place was great, with traditional garden setting and fine balinese delicacies. we spent a relatively long amount of time there until we decided to go to agung bali, a well-known souvenir store. we bought stuffs that we might use as a memento, a reminder of what it felt like being in bali. we hurried because we planned on catching the sunset at petitenget beach that evening. the beach was extraordinary. honestly. this beach is the one i was expecting. the wind was strong, the current was dragging me further into the sea, and there were a lot of stray dogs there, which made me happier.

after our trip to a REAL beach, we went to get some refreshments at a french bakery-cafe called monsieur spoon. the place has a really captivating interior; fancy chairs, curtains, and mirrors adorn the inside of the cafe. it truly feels like you’re in a cafe in france. i ordered a cup of hot chocolate and nothing else because they ran out of croissants. sigh. sad.

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i spent that sunday morning going to church because my mom wanted me to accompany her so i did. but before that of course i ate breakfast first. the date was december the 24th, or the day before christmas. well i didn’t went to christmas eve service because the church turns out to be far from the place we were staying so we spent the night eating dinner at kuta beachwalk. before going to kuta beachwalk, we went to discovery mall to see the beach and just to look-look (lihat-lihat, hehe) again.

after dinner, i practically begged my mom to go to a souvenir shop because i haven’t bought anything for my friends and for me as a totem, and we were leaving bali the next day, so finally at 9.30pm we decided to go to krisna bali, a 24-hours souvenir shop. the place were still crowded during that hour. i hurried myself to buy a couple shorts, a t-shirt, some boxes of pie susu, and a few keychains. the rest of my family also bought stuffs from the place, but mostly just boxes of pie susu. we spent a lot of money on that.

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my last day on bali was relatively short. like usual, i ate breakfast on the cafe at about 8 in the morning, and i already packed my bags and all of the luggage. at about 9 we arrived at the airport and bought coffee and some refreshments because we nEED OUR ADRENALINE. i forgot our departure time, but i’m sure it was about 11am. i slept during the whole flight because your girl here is tired as heck. the landing was okay, i mean nothing bad happened, and we touchdown-ed at jakarta still intact on one piece.

the trip i had to bali was definitely great, although i didn’t really achieve the part of visiting beaches 24/7. during my trip, it rained a lot so i don’t actually have the chance to freely go anywhere i want. whilst in bali, there are a couple things you should look out for, such as to not ever step on the ceremonial offerings in the street. there are a lot of them, and please try to avoid walking on them as a mark of respect the deeply spiritual people in bali.

i kind of regret not going to traditional ceremonies or going to temples and such, because i think both of those things are what makes bali the way it is. i didn’t go to a lot amazing places that i should, and i hope that i could go there on my next journey. let me know if there are places i should stop by at bali. see you.


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